We enable any business to leverage voice AI for telephony in a snap


Telephony is vital for sales, customer service, authenticating customers, and teleconferencing. Businesses should use voice AI in each of these functions to work smarter and more securely. 5G only accentuates this.

Yet there is no easy way to implement telephony-based voice AI...until now. Using SecondMind, your business can simply turn-on voice AI via our telephony partners or integrate with your existing systems.


Ambient Voice Intelligence

Help employees be more productive and generate more revenue

Voice assistants such as Alexa and Google have seen fast adoption, but don’t make sense for calls or in-person conversations. That’s because they disturb the conversation flow and, worse, can give a wrong answer your client hears.

To address this, SecondMind constantly listens to conversations via phone, smart glasses, or any device with a microphone and pushes/displays insights only when can offer value (via browser, SMS, or push notification).


Protect your employees and users from hackers and phishing

VoiceProtect enables you to better protect employee and user passwords and accounts from online hacks. Our patent-pending approach lets you use voice biometrics for online security in a turnkey manner. Voice biometrics is used today by banks to protect themselves- we made this same capability accessible and affordable so you can better protect your business.

You can also use VoiceProtect for out-of-the-box 3-factor authentication (try consumer version here). It packages what security professionals recommend as the highest level of security (something you know, something you have, and something you are). Plus you can use it to protect your business against phishing and takes less than a day to implement.

Use Cases of Telephony Voice AI

Protect Customers from Online Hacks

An online trading website desires to better protect customers from phishing and 2-factor authentication hacks due to SIM card porting. By integrating a simple module and asking customers to enroll in VoiceProtect (which links voice biometrics to a phone number), the site gives customers 3-factor protection.

When users login, they receive an SMS requiring them to confirm voice and a passphrase in order to view a temporary URL enabling access to site. This temporary URL ensures if the customer is phished, the hacker can't gain access to their account.

Voice Intelligence for Sales Calls

No matter what industry, sales requires having answers for clients. If you don’t have those answers, you can lose a deal or client. SecondMind can integrate with any data source such as Salesforce or calendars to pull up information as conversations happen. Plus we can convert what was discussed into CRM notes so employees save time adding notes after each call. The time-savings gives your business more time to find new clients and generate more revenue!

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