What if instead of having to find information you need during a call, the information finds you?

SecondMind bridges the knowledge gap that exists during calls by pushing actionable intelligence as you speak

SECONDMIND reduces call times by up to 10X when accounting for search and CRM notes automation

Step 1

Integrate any internal or external data sources that you want us to search in real-time during conversations

Step 2

Make or receive calls from any phone including our mobile app or your integrated VoIP system

Step 3

SecondMind enables you to visualize and process conversations faster!

Knowledge workers spend on average 2.5 hours or 30% of their dAY SEARCHING FOR INFORMATION - SECONDMIND CHANGES THAT

See emails, calendar, or files as you speak

Imagine while on a call, someone asks you “Did you receive my email on the business proposal?” Second Mind will immediately find that email so it appears as the conversation happens.

See information on restaurants, weather, stocks, and much more

If someone asks: "Where should we meet for lunch in the West Village”, you will have an answer at your fingertips without flipping between applications, typing, or searching.